Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Twisted World - Buying Petrol in Nigeria

And if youre wondering why there are so many Nigerian Princes around asking you to etransfer $50 to help him fight a legal battle to get back his riches ( which he will share with you of course!!), then here some cues.

Nigeria is the 6th Largest exporter of Crude Oil in the world, exporting 2.3 Million Barrels per day ( Kuwait exports 2.2 Million!!) The US remains the single largest customer accounting for 40% of the exports and Nigeria is US 5th largest source of Crude!

But for the average Nigerian man who drives that beat up old imported 1982 Toyota, filling up the fuel tank is as good as fighting the damn iraq war!

Its not unusual for you to hear about queues at Lagos Petrol stations that last a few hours, taxi drivers waiting the whole day without work to fill a litre of petrol or the family man who cant afford to pay the black market rates spending the whole night in his car at the petrol station. (Find a picture of a que in lagos). Search the net to hear more of these horror stories.

And to think that the President of that country, Mr. Obasanjo, has already run 3 Terms in the country and he cant run the 4th time because the constitution does not allow it - a fabulous electoral process iam sure!

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