Thursday, June 14, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007


This looks quite cool eh?

Drive down to the desert

Have been trying to put together a series of pics for my "Visions of Dubai" project. Drove down the Dubai Oman Highway... 40km into the drive and here's what i got. Some of the pictures seem quite nice. You guys think im getting any better?

Walk after dinner

Had dinner at HSBC ( Hotel Saravana Bhavan Corporation! for those non chennaites) and decided to walk down to shoot and practice a bit.
The mosque just a few blocks away from home at Gusais looked nice and scenic and the road calm and quiet- perfect! So went and set up the shot - tripod and all that jazz! Two minutes into this, the prayer call went off and in just about a few seconds i was completely surrounded by landcruisers with men in kandooras giving me cold stares. I decided to sit by untill prayer was over. It dint take long.

When it was more or less quite again, this man (pictured right on the top) came up to me.
Man : For whom are you shooting pictures? (Rude)
Me : For myself, its a hobby. And the mosque was beautiful.....
Man : Are you a muslim? ( Even Ruder)
Me : (Shittin and hoping this guy was not going to grab my gear) No. Iam a hindu.
Man : Do you know about Islam? (Rudest)
Me : Not much, but you know ive read a bit here and there and all that stuff!!!
And then he went on to give me a ten minute lecture about Islam and its true meaning and that its not about terrorism and stuff. And then gave me his business card.. "feel free to call me for anything.." Sweet. He is Manager Billing Services at Dubai electricity /water by the way.
Anyways, the pics of the evening.