Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Using Flash in Photos!

Its that simple!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bird in the sky

While toying around with my camera in our terrace this evening!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chinese Democracy

The view from my hotel room while at Shangai.... the city was filled with such sky rises...just that hardly any people to live in them! Not usual for a Chinese city you would imagine.... but the word has it Shangai is the 'showcase' city to the world and the'd rather keep it clean than busy! So, if you are the egalatarian china man...i hear you might need a permit to get in! That's Chinese Democracy!

(PS: Heard the new GNR album by the same name - guess the wager Dr. Pepper took on giving every american a free drink if GNR did launch the album in 2008 - maybe a better deal might have been - dare you to listen to Chinese Democracy - and id give a drink free!).

Not to forget, if you do go to Shangai looking for the romantic china you knew from the Hong Kong Kungfu movies - youre gonna be dissapointed - ofcourse, except for a ancient park in the middle of the city - the irony in this picture was amusing to me.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Set against the background of unfathomable sky and the boundless sea, standing as it is on the coast for a thousand five hundred years is Mahabalipuram (near Chennai, Southern India). Would have been there a zillion times before, right from the kindergarden to "beat it" singing (yep, MJ's!) school excursions and then to ''motorcyle diaries'' wannabe days from college! But, never felt like i did this time when i was there this time - early in the morning at the shore temple...the eerie quiet, cyclone skies, - truly humbling. Must tell you, the place looked so different from what i remembered - meaning it was so well maintained...guess the Unesco Heritage listing did help! Anyways, poor light, cloudy skies... dint really get that sun rise by the shore temple that i wanted to shoot....but then, these pictures dont look too bad at all!!