Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Angels

Two girls who can really drive me crazy! You can see it in their eyes!

The Chinese Stopover

Its been atleast a couple of months since i was at the chinese city of Shangai! Simply put it was another Dubai, sans the traffic!! Everything done upto HyperScales every where! Hardly had time to see around the city...but here's a couple of pics of some people in an ancient Park (i guess this is the only place in Shangai that looked "chinese" to me)

Junkyard Groove

The first time i saw these guys was at the Desert Rock Festival 2007 in Dubai - opening up for Iron Maiden. They sounded good allright and had the crowds quite excited!! Surprise surprise to hear that they were from good ol Chennai! Heard them out from "almost on stage" at the YMCA grounds a couple of months back, a CanStop ( smoking) campaign show. Some pics from there. Would go and see them again~!