Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Iron Maiden Live!

I had bought the Powerslave in 1989 - a cheap 45cent pirated version. I would have heard the rhyme of the ancient mariner a million times since then. Back in those days, id have given my right arm to watch Iron Maiden do the Trooper, you know Bruce with his leg on the feedback speaker and Steve Harris playing back the lyrics and bobbing his head and bass at the corner, and eddie eddie trooping around the stage!

And i finally got to see IronMaiden in March 2007, in Dubai when they headlined Desert Rock Festival. Personally, the show was no great deal - ya- the guys played well and i saw bruce dickinson with his leg on the feedback speaker!! But then i dint get half the kicks that i got when i had watched David Pascal, Timothy and Gang ( a bunch of ex college kids , mostly from MCC who had a band called Moksha) back in Chennai do a cover of the Trooper way back in 1995 at IIT OAT!!

But then there was this strange good feeling that i had at the end of the show. A sense of "been there, done that" a kinda feeling a happily dying man who had seen it all might have!!

Here's are some pics from the show of the band at Dubai Rock Festival - borrowed it off the net.

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