Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Joel & His Magic Box - Making Product Window's work

You've seen advertising films - and youve seen nice depictions of the product and the lovely ingredients that go into making it.... and the beautiful ways in which the product works.
Well, reality might not really be so flattering. But thanks to a few guys...who do make it look good.
Here's a guy who specialises in just that! Called Joel...but film directors call him the Contraptionist (!) and he is most likely to be on most ad film sets in mumbai!
He walks in Shorts (always!) and tight polo that outlines his a little not so "fit" waistline , and a couple of flunkies and a large box full of magic tricks. Wanna make juice ooze out a lemon, or get 1/4th moisturising cream to form a cute soap or make tri coloured toothpaste come out of a tube in style or just have water come out of a shower in a nice timely and organised manner....he can make it all work!
Here is Joel and his team working on a Single Neem leaf look good on screen. Next time you see another boring ad with another boring product window - you know a few guys make a living out of it.