Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trip to the Tiruvalleeswarar Temple

Was at the Sivan Temple (Tiruvalleswarar ) near Padi, Chennai.
Amazing to see such ancient history right around our homes! This temple is said to be the 21st Thevara Koil in Thondai Naadu. Thevaram refers to the collection of Devotional Tamil poetry dated to the 7th and 9th Century. And, Thondai Nadu refers to north eastern part of Tamil Nadu, the home country of the Pallava Dynasty that ruled between the 4th and the 9th Centuries. Any which way you look at it, this is nothing less than a 1000 years old!

A 3 Tier Gopuram leads you into a courtyard that houses the temple. Unique is the semi-circular shaped Gopuram in the inside. This type of architecture is supposedly called Thoonganai Maadam in Tamil; meaning resembling the back of a sleeping elephant.

Not the greatest of Pictures ive got here...will try again!

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