Thursday, January 8, 2009

Save the Rajapalayam

If you are Tamil, and a dog lover and you are 30 something or more, then you’d know the Rajapalayam is more than a sleepy town in Tamil Nadu. An Indian Sighthound, with a pristine white coat, pink nose, broad chest and narrow waist, this dog has been the associated with the Telugu migrant aristrocracy ( the Rajus) who had settled in Rajapalayam centuries ago.

Dog lovers flaunt their 4 legged friends and would obviously mostly try and get themselves the big breeds. In my days, it had to be the German Shepard, but I had friends who vowed never to have anything else than a Rajapalayam.

With rising apartments and Hucth/Vodafone dog advertsing, it seems to be the days of the Pug. So forget the Rajapalayam, even Dashunds and German Sheppard’s are not able to make it. Clearly they are getting extinct. KCI has started a “Save the Rajapalayam” project. Indian Post has even launched a stamp.

If you can keep a dog, do give the Rajapalayam a chance. I would. George Fernandes gave two – he’s taken two Rajapalayams to his Delhi house.


Anonymous said...


I was researching on Rajapalayams when I stumbled upon your blog. I am looking to get a Rajapalayam pup. If you know anyone ( breeders or friends) having the pups, please inform. My mail id is


k.veeramuni said...

good post