Saturday, July 7, 2007

7 Days and Done with it!

7 Days gone and i think im done with smoking for good.

No, it was not about will power or dependence on nicotine or anything like that. It was merely a decision to quit. For most smokers, there is really no good reason to decide to quit. To a smoker, the threat of cancer, etc is really not there - "its a chance that it might happen, and when youre smoking, the chance is just higher. Also, the chance of you dying is anyway much higher when you are driven back home from work, so do you stop driving?" So, there is really no compulsive reason and therefore, though the smoker gives up for a little while, he really sees no point in continuing - vague long term benefits as against a very pleasurable experience here and now. Thats why quitting attempts fail.

So, you think about why you should quit. Mine was rock solid - i dint want to create that "chance" that i might die - cause my wife and kid really needed me.


n.p. said...

Where is the 10th day celebration party happening?

Anonymous said...

wow!!!i cant quiet believe this!But i just so love you for this!!