Monday, July 2, 2007

39 Hours and Going Strong!

Been a while since i dropped in here. In fact i had so much to write about Sudan as well, but did nothing of it.

And yes, its been 39 hours since ive had a cigarette! And this time, its going to be quits for good. Iam using a bit of help from Novaratis - their 2 mg nicotine chewing gums. When the desire really bites in, the gum really helps.

1) They says that by now my heart rate and blood pressure levels drop and the carbon monoxide levels in my body gets back to normal. Good! Looking forward.
2) Yesterday i did 4 km on in 29 minutes on the tread. I guess in a week, i should be able to make 5 km in that time!
3) My lips and skin feel softer.
4) I feel much calmer and less stressed that normal, low anxiety and am able to focus better.
5) Thought i got a little constipated. Dont know if its because of the kinda food ive been eating or my quitting.
6) And my wife is going to love me for this!

My folks are coming back after a 40 day vacation in Chennai.... am i excited!


n.p. said...

Attaboy LSB ; way to go. And don't get discouraged if you relapse.

The best way to quit cigarettes - as a French lady told me recently - is to have your loved ones tell you to stop smoking. You should probably tell both your wife and daughter about you wanting to quit smoking. Their support will be invaluable in this effort.

Good to know you are running regularly and keeping time. I ran in a 5K race this Sunday and finished it in 32 minutes (around 30 % distance covered walking) Hoping to build on this one minute improvement over the previous race and get to around 25 to 28 minutes by the end of summer (in 3 months)

PK said...

Thanks GES!

actually ive not been able to run very regularly...have been managing to do about 10 days in a month.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that you have crossed your previous record of 23 hours....would be interesting to see if you can cross 50 hrs or not ?? knowing you...i can say its difficult...anyways there is always next time...

Anonymous said...

bravooo!!!love you so much for this anna!!