Thursday, November 13, 2008

Create Buzz..but dont let the bee get away!!

Been around in consumer products marketing business, working for varied kind of brands, management teams and brand collegues of all shapes and sizes. Some times, some places, ive seen Zillions of hours and energy spent on crafting strategy, choosing the segment so carefully, scores of Need scope style research projects ( guys...has some ever got a sane idea of what's happening around after theve been through a NEEDSCOPE (TM) study???) segmentation, umpteen brainstorming sessions on getting the big idea, all that fancy jazz! Yes, its all frightfully interesting and sort of feels good to do, but i think sometimes they forget why they are doing all that for - making money! Making money - in the sense - get your consumer to buy your brand - and get him to use it regularly. Doing all that you do...can you get the man on the street to shell out that 20 bucks for you? Have you put in enough money into the thing that youre peddling to make sure that the guy comes back to buy it another time for another 20 bucks? So... focus on the bee is merely a means!

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