Monday, November 5, 2007

Aging Rockers and some cool new music!

Its been a while since i bought any new music.... i was either rebuying or (downloading!!) albums that i had worn off listening to or they were just convenient compilations of stuff that i like. Dint quite like some of the new bands and the bands i liked just dint seem to have it these days.

But, some refreshingly nice new music in the scene now......

1) Mark Knopfler : Kill to get crimson - Knopfler was God to me until i got so damn bored with his mournful style in all his solo work. But, this 2007 release is a real gem! A complete experience with characters, places, moods, emotions. Top of my charts!!

2) Bruce Springsteen : Magic - The last i heard Springsteen was when i had bought Ghost of Tom Jods. You know, rockers age and they try and make their music mellow and more "musical" and stuff and bore the shit out of you? Well, Magic is exactly not that - right out of his 80s superdom days! Really really cool album .

3) Robert Plant and Alison Krauss : Raising Sand - Well, this album is exactly what i normally dont want my favorite rockers to do - going mellow and doing pseudo "musical" stuff! But this
so Not "whole lotta love" Robert Plant's collaboration with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss is really nice. I just love the cover photograph...serene, calm, minimalistic, beautiful . A picture thats so apt for the music inside.

4) Eagles : Long Road out of Eden : We needed to wait since 1979 for this album eh?!! Ok, but its a studio album from Eagles at the end of it. There are parts where they sound like it was right out of the "hotel california" days but its mostly mellowed down. Worth it i guess.

5) Bon Jovi : Lost Highway : Hey remember when Bon Jovi used to matter? Me Neither!! But, you know, i think i just keep buying this ( i bought this one; no download!) for old times sake. Not worth it.

5) Megadeth : United Abominations : Dave Mustain likes his rock hard and fast. And i like it that way too!! No changing these guys - worth it if you are a Megadeth freak. And i like the name of the song "Amerikasthan"!

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