Friday, August 17, 2007

In Accra, Ghana

In Africa again! This time in the West of Africa - Ghana. It used to be a hub of the Slave Trade, a country which was once lead by Nkrumah.

My first impressions - a nice african country - people are friendly, the place looks clean, nice english style houses and seems hell of a lot patriotic....the Ghana Green, Yellow and Black flag colours everywhere. Hooked up at a place called Alisa Hotels for $125 a night - steep by Indian standards for similar kinda hotels, but not a bad place.

Making a film here for new soap that ive been working on for Africa. This , if my memory serves me right, is my 12th Film! But this one's is all so different. To start with there is no Advertising Agency. Ramesh( a third generation Indian in Ghana), the Producer and I jammed up and got the script and everything to dowith the film. No pre production meetings with everyone on the brand, no production schedule breakups and all that jazz. Hope this funny experiment of mine works!

Iam carrying my Camera this time; hope to catch some pictures.

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