Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jammin at Festival City

With Suji and Eesha back in Madras on vacation, here was lonely me walking around this new mall - Dubai Festival City.

A really lovely place this - The water from the creek has been roped into the corner of the mall ( called the canal walk), with nice restaurants and walk ways . They even have a abra doing small rounds for you.

Yesterday there were these couple of guys ( all part of the show there to rope in crowds; not many have bitten so far) playing guitar. Patrick ( i think...) doing lots of Dylan, Mr. Johny Cash, the Doors and Bob Marley as well. That was one real nice and quite evening. Some pictures of the musician. I really love this, except wish there was less noise in the pictures. Guess i need to figure out how to work better with the large 70-300 mm lens.

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